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Amanda Ghatorra Music

“I believe that if we commit to engage mainly in things we truly enjoy, life turns into a big, joyous play. When there is total attentiveness, there is no division. And for me, that is the definition of true freedom; to live freely from all comparison in the freshness of the present moment.”


Amanda Ghatorra is a German-Portuguese, self taught live-looping artist, singer-songwriter and producer who is currently based in Berlin.

After several years of travel and living full-time in foreign countries like Australia, Bali and Portugal and producing music for other artists including YouTube Star Cloe Feldman, she is now back in Berlin and working on her new EP "Peach Juice" that will be released in 2024.


She's a one-woman-band and creates mesmerising soundscapes with electric guitars, keys, synths, beats and samples during her live performances.

But above all, it can certainly be said that Amanda’s characteristic and unmistakable feature is her unique voice and the beautiful vocal harmonies that accompany her songs.


As for the genre of her music, she likes to push her boundaries and fuses different ideas together, creating her own, unique style.

She moves between an area of alternative-pop, indie-soul and electronic music, always adding a dreamy and mysterious touch to her songs, whereas her new EP will have it’s main emphasis on a more electronic feel.

To top it up, her mature lyrics also introduce an honest Singer-Songwriter feel to her songs.


Amanda Ghatorra is all about live performances, sharing the vibe and creating a unique and intimate experience together.

During her sets, she frequently shares little stories and introspective thoughts with the audience, believing in the power of opening up to each other and sharing the beauty of this moment together.


Being a DIY artist, all of her lyrics, compositions, recordings, mixes and productions are done by herself.

Her lyrics are mainly autobiographical, but will also feature a bit more of story-telling elements in her new EP.

In 2021 she released her concept album 'Seasons’, which featured a different genre for every season.

Juicy Records Music Production

Amanda Braga Gomes Torrado is a young German-Portuguese, singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, mix engineer and producer who is currently based in Bali.

With more than 20 years of education in different areas of music and 5 years of practical work experience as a musician and producer, she accumulated a vast skill set to smoothly and effectively help artists bringing their musical visions to life.


After her Bachelor of Arts studies in music production back in Berlin, she decided to leave for a new adventure to Bali to pursue music production as her main profession.


Her expertise lies in producing music in the genres of Alternative-Pop, Synth-Pop, Indie Soul and Electronic Music.

She is known for fusing together catchy and original song textures with tasteful and artistic vocal arrangements and harmonies, which create her own, refreshing  and unique style.


During her musical career she played over hundreds of shows, wrote several tracks and co-directed her own music videos which makes her a great mentor for any artist.

Besides music production, she is also a very skillful singer, guitarrist, pianist, live-looper, lyricist, composer and arranger.


In 2021, she became one of the co-founders of the music production company ‘Juicy Records’.

In collaboration with the Helicon Soundlab in Bali, they worked on songs for YouTube guru Cloe Feldman’s debut EP, which are still being released

Also she recently started a new music project unter her artist name "Amanda Ghatorra", her EP will be released in 2024.

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